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Collaborate seamlessly with klynd's ClickUp integration

Get a new ClickUp task in your board for each feedback collected on klynd and stay informed with essential data


Enhance your feedback management on ClickUp with klynd integration

Acquire a new ClickUp task for each reported feedback or pushed to ClickUp. Stay organized and informed with vital project specifics, feedback originator, title, and description, attached with an annotated screenshot and recorded video. Effortlessly oversee feedback details, all within the ClickUp platform.

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Customer feedback by klynd on ClickUp with an annotated screenshot, video attached with more feedback details
Step-by-step guide to integrating klynd with ClickUp for seamless feedback management

Integrate klynd with ClickUp is quick and easy

To enable ClickUp integration for your projects, upgrade to our Startup plan or higher. Once you have a project created, follow these simple steps from the app side panel:

  • Click on "Connect" next to the ClickUp item and log in with your ClickUp credentials.

  • For your owned klynd project, select the appropriate ClickUp "Workspace" and "Space".

  • Choose a specific folder or root location within the selected space.

  • Select the task list from the chosen folder or root.

  • Define the target "Status" for the feedback task within the selected task list.

  • Click on the link icon , and you're all set!

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Optimize feedback management with klynd's robust tool

Effortlessly track and analyze feedback with klynd's visual feedback tool. Gain valuable insights into feedback details, device specifications, and timestamps through rich metadata. Enable real-time synchronization to your ClickUp list or selectively sync feedback with a single click.

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Technical and UI details along with an annotated screenshots and annotated videos with each feedback collected to speed up issue resolution