A wide range of features to determine and solve issues faster

klynd provides a wide variety of services to enable you and your team to test and manage your project more quickly and efficiently

Free forever

Put your credit cards away! Our free business model is exactly that — free! That means no teasers, up-selling, or trial periods

Precise, testing and tracking

Drawing on the screen allows comments to be placed in precise locations to facilitate accurate bug reporting, and you can view bugs reported on your screen while scrolling for easy tracking, and embed them with an annotation screenshot and details galore metadata, and DomContentLoad time, with client-side javascript errors and XHR requests

Private bug reporting tool

Private widget

As you develop your web project, record and track bugs from invited team members only so that you can quickly fix issues and have fewer bugs when you release your product to end users

Easy to use

Move at lightning speed! No switching between different modes or options, while browsing; you can quickly test your website by drawing directly on the screen, and with just one click, all the magic happens

App integration

The seamless native integration allows you to continue using all of your preferred coworking apps by simply integrating each of your projects with all of the apps and automatically syncing each reported bug to your app's configuration to be included with a screenshot and details galore of metadata

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App integration with klynd


Permit each reported bug to automatically sync to the configuration of your connected app in all the projects you've created, including all the bug metadata records and the screenshot taken.


Reviews and update the reported bug data before it syncs to the connected apps, and then send it there with a one-click along with all the necessary metadata and the screenshot you took

Real-time Report and Analysis

Real-time Report & Analysis

Get an instant report with charts for everything happening in your web project testing process, updated with every bug reported or updated, from assigned users' tasks, browsers, operating systems, workflow, and way more

All ways, all types

klynd is software that can be used on all types of web projects in all browsers. Additionally, we have options between url-based and html-based projects. so you can manage, test, and report with ease.

File-based:With this type, you can use our seamless file manager to upload HTML project, remove, restore, edit, move, or rename files directly onto our servers

URL-based:To get started with this type, all you need to do is add the live or localhost URL of your website and paste our global snippet code into your pages

Assign tasks

Assign tasks to your project participants so they can begin working on them immediately after creation or at a later time from the details panel. This will help you manage and organize your project efficiently

Notification system

Seamlessly move between different projects on one notification panel, saving time while keeping your projects organized and easy to access

Notification filter

By sorting them by page, priority, device, status, and who they are assigned to, you can easily keep track of and manage all the reported bugs for every project you have

Details panel

Our notification system gives each newly reported bug its own panel so that your members can view the metadata, DomContentLoad time, and screenshot as well as update the workflow and priority, reply, assign tasks, push-to-app, view javascript console errors, and XHR API, and track user activity for this point

Export list

Export the list of bugs for your project into an XLSX or CSV file along with all relevant data, such as the OS, browser, date, create by name, page URL, device type, and the title and description of the reported bugs

Manage projects effectively

Journey workflow

On your website's screen or from the notification panel, keep track of each reported bug's progress from being discovered to being fixed as it changes from "Open" to "In Progress," "Review," and finally "Completed."


Manage your test process with a simple yet productive kanban-style board, from bugs being spotted to being fixed, by tracking the process and allowing you and your team to update card status and view bug details from screenshots, metadata, and all other details

Manage projects effectively

Point priority

Set the priority to LOW, MID, or HIGH on each new bug report, or update them later from the details panel, to let your colleagues know which issues to address first

Desktop, Mobile

To help you and your colleagues learn more about the reported bug, each new point is separated based on the type of device it was reported from

Archive project

Hit "Archive" in your project to prevent any of your project members from commenting or editing files until you're ready to use the project again

User activity

Users' activities are automatically recorded to enable easy tracking and to keep you informed about what is happening across all of the projects you own or are invited to

klynd user activity

Pause comments

When you use the pause commenting mode, you can concentrate without interruption while working on the project's current list of issues

Compatible with all

Our global snippet code is like having a global passport to travel the internet. Test your web project using klynd in any browser or any web technology without using an extension or a proxy