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Wide range of features to track and
solve issues

klynd provides a wide variety of services to enable you and your team to test and manage your web application more quickly and productively

Dive deep, debug faster

Pinpoint issues faster with visual and technical bug reporting

Annotated screenshots, video recording, API requests, JS errors, device and browser details - capture everything with klynd. Pinpoint bugs faster, debug deeper & deliver flawless user experiences.

Private feedback widget

Improve development and testing workflow

Securely collect and manage team input in pre-production or testing environment. klynd's private feedback widget streamlines cooperation, problem-solving, and project development.

Public feedback widget

Enable customer feedback, boost site

Collect website visitor comments in the production environment. klynd's public feedback widget lets you optimize online projects, analyze user demands, and make data-driven user experience decisions.

App integration

Integrate with your favourite softwares

Integration and sync each collected item from your website with your existing apps, including annotated screenshots, videos, and item details.

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klynd seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Jira, TFS, Slack, Trello, ClickUp, and Asana for streamlined customer feedback and bug tracking
Gain actionable insights with klynd's visual reporting and in-depth feedback statistics to speed up issue resolution
Real-time reports

Track your progress and identify issues

Get in-depth insights with real-time reports that track your web project's testing process across multiple channels to make informed decisions.

Multiple project types

Versatile types for every web project need

klynd is a flexible tool for any web project across browsers. You can create projects based on URLs or HTML files, and collect feedback easily.


Instantly collect feedback by adding our global snippet code to your web project to track bugs and collect valuable customer feedback.


Upload your HTML-based website files using our user-friendly file manager, enabling you to initiate testing for your web project before its official launch.


One-stop hub for streamlined feedback management

Control multiple projects from one central hub to simplify your web testing process, collaborate with ease, and achieve efficiency and quality with its intuitive interface and powerful features.

Notification system

Navigate projects on a unified panel

Navigate between multiple projects using a unified notification panel. Save time and maintain project organization with convenient access.

Notification filter

Manage with advanced filtering options

Sort and filter based multiple values to easily track and manage feedback across projects, ensuring effective prioritization and streamlined workflow.

Details panel

In-depth feedback details in a single panel

Discover the dedicated feedback panel to examine technical and UI details, update feedback, and seamlessly communicate with your team.

Manage multiple projects and track bugs and feedback effectively with klynd's organized project view and filtering options
Journey workflow

Collaborate and resolve issues with feedback workflows

Track and update the progress of all of your collected items from discovery to resolution using our intuitive workflow feature.


Track progress with kanban-style boards

Step into the realm of efficiently managing feedback with our dynamic kanban-style boards. Track and update item progress in real-time, from identification to resolution.

klynd's Kanban board visualizes your feedback workflow with clear status tracking from Open to Completed
Additional features

World of limitless potential with innovative add-ons

Discover a world of possibilities with klynd's additional features, designed to elevate your bug tracking and speed up your web testing process.

Free forever

We care about your success. A forever-free widget for your web project.


Auto-sync each collected item in real-time to the project connected apps.


Fine-tune and selectively sync item to connected apps with push-to.


Prioritize feedback for efficient issue tracking and management.


In-depth technical, browser, and device details with each collected item.


Export all of your collected feedback with their details to XLSX or CSV.

Assign tasks

Assigning members to reported issues and track the progress.

User activity

Gain extensive project insights through detailed activity logs.

Customizable widget

Tailor the look and choices of your widget to give each project a unique experience.

Dynamic localization

Auto-translate widget labels to English or Arabic based on the webpage locale.

Universal compatibility

Ensure seamless universal compatibility across browsers and devices.

Instant notifications

Stay informed with a real-time in-app and email notifications for updates.