klynd - Visual feedback tool

Wide range of features to determine and solve issues faster

klynd provides a wide variety of services to enable you and your team to test and manage your project more quickly and productively

Expanding feedback horizons

Unleash the power of versatile feedback sharing

Maximize feedback sharing with flexible options like drawing tools, screen recording, and quick feedback. Enable your feedback journey for faster issue resolution and seamless collaboration.

Private feedback widget

Streamline internal collaboration

Improve internal collaboration among colleagues during development and testing to ensure smooth, fast progress and issue resolution.

Public feedback widget

Empower customer engagement

Collect feedback and insights from web customers to improve the user experience, optimize web projects, and make real-time data-driven changes.

App integration

Effortlessly integrate for simplified feedback management

Keep using your favorite apps effortlessly with klynd. Get the best of both worlds with seamless integration and sync each feedback item with connected apps, including annotated screenshots and rich metadata, to turbocharge your workflow.

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klynd - Effortlessly integrate for simplified feedback management
klynd - Real-time Report and Analysis
Real-time reports

Track your progress, identify issues, and make better decisions

Get in-depth insights with real-time reports that track your web project's testing process across devices, browsers, and operating systems. Make informed decisions based on comprehensive data, and optimize your testing and collaboration efforts.

Multiple project types

Versatile project types for every web project need at your convenience

klynd is a flexible tool for any web project across browsers. You can create projects based on URLs or HTML files, and collect feedback easily.


Instantly collect valuable feedback with klynd's URL-based projects. Just enter your web project URL and integrate our snippet code to effortlessly capture feedback from customers and colleagues.


Seamlessly collect feedback with klynd's File-based projects. Upload your HTML files, gain a dedicated project URL for easy sharing and collaboration, and maintain full control over your project assets.


One-stop hub for streamlined feedback management

Control multiple projects from one central hub. simplify your feedback workflows, collaborate with ease, and achieve efficiency and quality with its intuitive interface and powerful features.

Notification system

Smoothly navigate and organize projects on a unified panel

Experience a seamless transition between different projects within a single notification panel. Save time and keep your projects organized with easy access, allowing for efficient management and collaboration.

Notification filter

Efficiently manage feedback with advanced filtering options

Stay on top of feedback by sorting and filtering based on page, priority, labels, devices, assigned members, and much more. Easily track and manage feedback across projects, ensuring effective prioritization and streamlined workflow.

Details panel

Thorough feedback insights in a single view

Access detailed feedback information in dedicated panels. View all metadata, video, screenshot and much more. Update feedback status and priority, assign members, push to apps, and start a conversation over the selected feedback.

klynd - Smoothly navigate and organize projects on a unified panel
Journey workflow

Collaborate and resolve issues with feedback workflows

Track the journey of feedback items from discovery to resolution with our easy-to-use workflow feature. Project members can update the status of feedback seamlessly, ensuring efficient collaboration and timely issue resolution.


Master your feedback workflow with kanban-style boards

Step into the realm of efficient feedback management with our dynamic kanban-style boards. Track the progress of feedback from identification to resolution, easily updating card statuses and accessing complete feedback details.

klynd - Master your feedback workflow with kanban-style boards
Additional features

Discover a world of limitless potential with klynd's innovative add-ons

Discover a world of possibilities with klynd's additional features, designed to elevate your testing and collaboration process.

Free forever

Experience the power of our free private feedback widget. Sign up hassle-free and enjoy its essential features.


Sync feedback in real-time to connected apps. Save time, improve collaboration, and track progress easily.


Fine-tune and selectively sync feedback with push-to. Effortlessly collaborate and resolve issues with a single click.


Prioritize feedback for efficient issue management. Allow users to set priority, adjustable by admins.


Get in-depth feedback details for efficient issue resolution and enhanced web customer experience.


In-depth data analysis, export feedback to XLSX or CSV. Improve insights by using the export feature.

Assign tasks

Team up and track progress by assigning feedback tasks. Filter by tasks, see the process for smooth teamwork.

User activity

Gain extensive project insights through detailed activity logs. Stay informed about project updates.

Customizable widget

Tailor the look and choices of your feedback widget to give each project a unique experience.

Dynamic localization

Auto-translate widget labels to English or Arabic. Match the page’s text language and reach both audiences.

Universal compatibility

Ensure seamless universal compatibility across browsers and devices. Experience hassle-free testing.

Instant notifications

Stay informed with in-app and email notifications. Keep project members up-to-date with each feedback.