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An easy-to-follow guide to client approval with visual bug tracking tool



When working on web projects for clients, whether you`re a web agency, freelancer, or IT company, smooth collaboration and client satisfaction are paramount. Delays and miscommunications can not only cost you money but also harm your reputation. In this guide, we`ll walk you through the client approval process, step by step, ensuring a seamless journey for both you and your clients. We`ll also explore how visual feedback tools like klynd can make a significant difference.

Simplified client approval guide with visual feedback tools

Documentation - Your Roadmap to Success

After gathering project requirements and ensuring a clear understanding of what needs to be done, it`s essential to document everything in both the 'scope' (what`s included) and 'out-of-scope' (what`s not included). This documentation serves as a written agreement, much like a contract, outlining everyone`s responsibilities and expectations. It`s akin to a roadmap that helps avoid confusion or disagreements and keeps everyone aligned throughout the project. This way, you can track progress and make necessary adjustments, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for both your agency and the client.

Tools for Client Collaboration

To ensure client satisfaction, involve them at every step of the project. Starting from sketches using tools like, to UI and prototypes with platforms like Figma, and share firsthand HTML sample URL hosted on your server, or simply use klynd File-Based project and invite all of the project stakeholders. However, an essential tool that can enhance your collaboration process is a visual feedback tool. Platforms like klynd provide a centralized space for project collaboration and feedback collecting. Its annotation feature allows you and your clients to communicate effectively, gather feedback, and make real-time improvements to the project over the client website itself.

How Visual Feedback Tools Revolutionize Collaboration Approving

Working step by step, in collaboration with your clients, is like assembling a puzzle together. Each piece fits perfectly before moving forward, reducing surprises and major changes later on. Visual feedback tools like klynd play a pivotal role in this process. They enable seamless communication, allowing clients to pinpoint specific issues, suggest changes, and provide feedback directly on the project. This real-time collaboration fosters a sense of teamwork, ensuring everyone is aligned and content with the final result.

Simplified client approval guide with visual feedback tools

Speeding Up Client Approval with Visual Feedback Tools:

To make client approval a breeze, visual feedback tools like klynd shine with features that make the process lightning-fast:

  • On-Page Feedback for Quick Fixes: On-page feedback lets your clients, team, and partners instantly share ideas, highlight issues, or suggest improvements right where they count. Say goodbye to endless email chains and meetings. This real-time teamwork means faster issue resolutions and happier clients.

  • Your Helpful Feedback Sidekick: Think of this tool as your trusty sidekick that sticks with your clients while they explore your website. It ensures their feedback gets attention ASAP, boosting their happiness during their journey. Happy clients are more likely to give the green light to your project.

  • Clear Visual Insights for Better Understanding: Every piece of feedback includes annotated screenshots and videos, giving you a goldmine of insights. You`ll see issues as clear as day, just like clients drawing on the site or presenting via videos. Plus, you`ll know who gave the feedback, their browser, and device details. This complete context turbocharges issue-solving. When clients see you truly grasp their needs, their satisfaction skyrockets.

  • Efficient Feedback Management for Team Harmony: All feedback neatly lives in one central hub. It`s like having everything in one organized toolbox. This makes it a breeze to sort and prioritize, supercharges teamwork, and makes you look like a pro. You can assign tasks to teammates, generate smart reports, and plug it all into your favorite apps like Trello, Jira, or Slack. This level of organization and efficiency not only speeds up project delivery but also leaves clients impressed with your professionalism and responsiveness.

With these steps, you won't just accelerate client approval; you`ll also make clients happier by giving them a seamless, fast, and collaborative experience during the project.


In the world of web projects, client satisfaction is key to success. By establishing clear documentation, using the right collaboration tools, and embracing visual feedback platforms like klynd, you can streamline the client approval process. This step-by-step approach not only reduces misunderstandings and delays but also strengthens the client-agency relationship. Remember, it`s all about teamwork and ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the journey.

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