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  • Private feedback widget

    Only you and project members can report and track bugs and feedback

  • Public feedback widget

    Collect feedback from your customers to enhance customer satisfaction

  • Projects

    For projects that you create and own only and excluding shared projects

  • Users

    Collaborate effectively by inviting colleagues to join your projects

  • Storage

    Calculated based on uploaded files in file-based projects, excluding screenshots and videos

  • Assign tasks

    To streamlined collaboration and efficient tracking of progress between colleagues

  • Reply-to

    Enable threaded discussions and collaborative communication around each feedback

  • Export feedback list

    Export project feedback list to XLSX or CSV file

  • Configuration

    Customize the floating button and full control over enabling or disabling widget options

  • Journey workflow

    Empowering project members to track and modify feedback status to streamlining the entire process

  • Video feedback

    Collect video-audio feedback from your customer and colleagues for more feedback accuracy

  • Apps Integration

    Synchronize collected feedback from colleagues and customers with all your connected apps

  • Auto-sync

    Toggle "auto-sync" option for each connected apps which is by default is enabled

  • Push-to-app

    Send feedback data, metadata, and screenshots to the selected app after reviewing it

  • Console errors

    Client-side JavaScript errors as they happen with each new feedback reported

  • XHR/Fetch records

    API records with each new feedback reported

  • White label

    Remove "Powered by klynd," replace the logo, and change the form's color to match your brand

  • Boards

    Manage project feedback with a simple, straightforward kanban-style board

  • Reports

    Project reports that include graphs and data to track your project testing process

All plans comes with

  • Annotation screenshot

  • Overall feedback

  • Rich-metadata

  • URL-based project

  • File-based project

  • User activity

  • Email notifications

  • Prioritize feedback

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