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Every new business has its own unique beginnings and tale.

We designed klynd with customer experience in mind to solve the web testing challenge

Our story

Unveiling our journey; passion,
innovation, and excellence

With over 15 years of experience in the IT sector, the founders of klynd have held diverse roles, including working locally, remotely, as independent contractors, and even as clients. We have supervised numerous QA engineers and collaborated closely with software engineers. Through these experiences, we understand the challenges of starting and scaling projects.

We recognized that many projects were hindered by time wasted in pointless meetings, lengthy email exchanges, and unclearly reported data during the testing phase. To address this issue and enable efficient testing before releasing projects to the public, we developed klynd.

At klynd, our dedicated team is passionate about making our tool work for you. We are committed to providing a seamless and effective solution that empowers businesses like yours to streamline their web testing processes and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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