Accelerate your client approval process for web projects!

klynd is a free feedback tool for web projects that allows you to easily collect feedback from your clients.

What is klynd?

klynd is a powerful feedback tool for your website. klynd saves you time and effort by reducing unnecessary meetings and email-checking time among your website-building team members. It helps gather real-time feedback for your website, organize projects with team members, and streamline communications between several users with ease.

klynd was created with customers and inclusion at top of mind, which is why we let you stay on a free plan forever. Our platform is easy for anyone to use, no matter what age or industry you are in. Simply open any browser on any operating system and access the application via

klynd is simple

Who Is Klynd For?

Whether you are a developer, designer, project manager, CX manager, or anyone involved in any website project, klynd is helps to pump up your productivity. We help you gather feedback, reviews and communicate more easily about project changes with your team, clients, and stakeholders.

How Does It Work?

Klynd is the only visual feedback tool that has two types of projects File-based and URL-based projects.

  • Create a project
  • Invite users to collaborate (ex: developers, project managers, clients, and anyone else on the project) so they can easily provide and receive feedback.
  • Add comments, resolve issues, and “crush” your website launch goals
  • Klynd’s notification system allows users to easily view feedback, filter comments, navigate between multiple projects, and so much more!
klynd is simple

Klynd is a versatile app that can be used on all types of devices, websites, and web app projects. We also have exclusive options between file-based and external link projects.

File-based projects are perfect for those who don’t have their own web project environment but still want client feedback. URL-based projects are great for if your project is already online or in a pre-production stage. Simply grant access to the team members and clients who need it – they will be able to use Klynd features for feedback on projects by simply accessing the app.

This allows you to upload an HTML project and start sharing with others quickly, with the ability to edit files online.