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1Accelerate web testing and enhance customer feedback engagement

Unmask website issues in seconds, debug like
never before

klynd makes it easy to capture, annotate, and collect visual feedback
from your team and customers
Collecting website feedback easily with klynd's interactive customer feedback software
Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails, and inaccurate, unclear feedback

Cut your web testing time in half and focus on what matters

klynd empowers seamless bug tracking by leveraging visual annotations, and in-depth technical and UI details with insights that drive action.


Get in-depth feedback details without hassle

Annotate on the website for in-depth feedback details, while klynd takes the reins, captures metadata, screenshot, and video, and simplifies the process by handling the entire workflow.

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klynd's client feedback software offers in-depth analysis with user details, technical insights, and more
klynd's bug tracking software captures annotated screenshots and videos with feedback details for clear communication
Annotated screenshot and video with feedback title and description. Visual feedback collected with klynd's annotation screenshot and annotation video features
The ultimate feedback tool for web enthusiasts

No matter what role you play in web projects, we've got you covered

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Dive deep into technical bug details

  • Capture JavaScript errors as they occur in reported bugs.

  • Capture API requests, including responses, and headers when they occur with each reported bug.

  • End-to-end encrypted API requests, and only invited members can access the details.

  • Exclude specific APIs from being captured for enhanced privacy.

klynd's bug tracking software dashboard simplifies collaboration with real-time feedback and easy team member invitation
klynd's issue tracker empowers data-driven decisions with insightful feedback stats and built-in task management
klynd's visual feedback and bug tracker empowers data-driven decisions with insightful feedback stats
3 Feedback collaboration hub

One-stop hub for feedback management

Control multiple projects from one central hub. simplify your feedback and bug tracking workflows, collaborate with ease, and achieve efficiency and quality with its intuitive interface and powerful features.

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4App integration

Integration and work faster with the apps you love!

Integrate klynd with Trello
Integrate klynd with Asana
Integrate klynd with Slack
Integrate klynd with ClickUp
Integrate klynd with Azure DevOps ( TFS )
Integrate klynd with Jira

Keep using your favorite apps effortlessly. Get the best of both worlds with seamless integration and sync each feedback with connected apps, including annotated screenshots and rich metadata.

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5Beyond a feedback tool

Not just a feedback tool! with reports and boards, will do even more

klynd goes beyond being a feedback tool. With robust reports and collaborative boards, it revolutionizes how you manage your team and streamline the web project testing process.

klynd's bug tracking tools offer advanced reporting and Kanban boards for efficient bug management and analysis
klynd's bug tracking tools offer advanced reporting and Kanban boards for efficient bug management and analysis
klynd's bug tracking tools offer advanced reporting and Kanban boards for efficient bug management and analysis
Collecting feedback and issue tracker toolFeedback management and bug tracking toolCustomer feedback and bug tracking toolDiverse use cases

Private and public feedback widget

klynd offers tailored feedback experiences with private and public options to accommodate your needs.

Private feedback widget

Enhance collaboration internally among colleagues during development and testing phases, ensuring smooth and fast progress and issue resolution.

Public feedback widget

Gather valuable feedback and insights from web customers to enhance user experience, optimize web projects, and make data-driven improvements in real-time.

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