1Colleagues and customer feedback tool for web projects

Accelerate your web testing process and listen to your customers feedback

klynd is a visual feedback and bug-tracking tool for web projects that allows you to monitor your web so that you can fix problems faster and more effectively.

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Collecting feedback can feel like a project in itself

klynd streamlines the web testing process by eliminating pointless meetings and email thread checking. This way, you can publish your project to your customers faster and with fewer bugs and scaleup with them. No matter what the project is, you will be collecting feedback in no time.

2Accurate tracking without guessing

Drawing on the screen and capturing video, embedding each point with an annotation screenshot and video, and detailed abundant metadata, including client-side javascript failures and XHR/Fetch requests, enables you and your team to easily track bugs and feedback

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Whether you are a quality or software engineer, manager, or web agency

klynd is here to pump up your productivity and accelerate your project launch time

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3Manage projects effectively

Track the feedback' journey from first being spotted to being fixed; review metadata; real-time teammates' communications; assign tasks; and push-to apps in all of the projects you have, all in one panel.

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4Work faster with the apps you love!

Private bug reporting software for web projects
Private bug reporting software for web projects
Private bug reporting software for web projects
Private bug reporting software for web projects
Private bug reporting software for web projects
Private bug reporting software for web projects

Keep using all the co-working apps you love. Simply, integrate your projects with any or all of the apps to enable an auto-sync for each given feedback with a screenshot and details galore in the metadata, which allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds

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5Not just a feedback tool! with reports and boards, will do even more

klynd provides a variety of services that let you manage your team and track the web project testing process effectively, from feedback first being discovered to being fixed

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All ways, all types

klynd is tool that can be used on all types of web projects on all browsers. Additionally, we have options between url-based and html-based projects. so you can manage, test, and report with ease.

  • File-based projects

    With this type, you can upload your HTML project directly to our servers using our easy-to-use file manager, which lets you upload, remove, restore, edit, move, or rename files.

  • URL-based projects

    With this type, all you need to do is add your website's live or localhost URL and insert our global snippet code into your pages to get started

file-based project
file-based project

Speed things up while testing your project!

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